Die erste unglaubliche Kritik!
Saint Charles Alimentary already passed its crucial test on the first day of existence when its kitchen more than satisfied 400 hungry people at the Open Sunday brunch on November 19, 2006.
In the house exactly opposite the pharmacy right next to the Saint Charles Cosmothecary we have opened Austria’s first “pharmacy restaurant”. From now on you can not only eat there, but also take home selected high quality foods.
Vanessa Guertler, graduated at the Slow Food Academy in Piemont/Italy, is supervising our staff in the kitchen.
We use vegetables, corns and fruits from the wild, from our own cultivation or selected checked partners with whom we share the same interests. Meat from animals in the wild originates exclusively from our own shoot.
We invite you to join us in the preparation of foods (or even in collecting, planting, harvesting or stalking). Or maybe you would like to learn more in seminars or cooking classes.
We could hardly believe this first critics…
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